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Block Management Poetry

Common Ground Estate and Property Management is a specialist block and estate management company.
We currently manage more than 2900 properties across 100 estates and employ 16 members of staff.

We do the following differently

– We are totally transparent
– Our property managers visit the estates they manage

This is NOT the traditional approach !!

A poem to describe the “traditional” approach.

£95 to change a lightbulb
You’ve got to be having a laugh?
How about a visit to my block of flats
Say 2.00 pm at my gaff?

I’m sorry sir, we can’t do that
London’s a very long way.
We prefer to sit on our backsides
spending your hard earned pay.

Well what about my service charge?
can I see the accounts to the flat?
You’ll have to travel to our offices
and we even charge you for that.


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