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This checklist applies to doors opening to communal areas shared with other tenants.

It is designed to assist leaseholders/occupants of flats in determining if the front door to their flat is compliant with fire safety regulations.

Fire Risk Checklist – Flat Front Doors

Downloadable as a pdf file here

Item Check



Does the door appear to be the original from the time of the building construction? Do you have documentation relating to the fire safety of the door?

Is the door a minimum thickness of 44mm?

Does the door stop meet the required 25mm thickness and is it in a good condition?

Door additions Does any door furniture appear to be in good condition?

Could the door furniture negatively impact the fire-safety of the door?

Is the letter box (if fitted) spring loaded and fitted with an intumescent seal?


Strips & Seals


Are Intumescent strips fitted and are they in an adequate condition?

Are cold smoke seals fitted and are they in an adequate condition?




Are there three hinges?

Do hinges have BS or CE markings?




Is there a working self-closing device fitted?

Does the door close into the frame engaging the latch?

Does the door close fully when released from open, half open and just outside the frame?




Does the glazing within the door appear to be fire rated with a fire safety stamp marked into the glass?




When closed does any gap surrounding the door and frame exceed 3mm (+/- 1mm)

When closed does any gap at the threshold exceed 8mm (+/- 1mm)


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