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Leasehold Library

The objective of the Common Ground Leasehold Library is to improve the understanding of all things Leasehold. Leasehold law in the UK is archaic and overly complicated but fear not;  The Leasehold Library guides leaseholders through the most salient parts of the Leasehold framework.  Put together by Alan Draper, Managing Director of Common Ground and self-confessed leasehold law nerd, the Leasehold Library guides leaseholders through the most salient parts of the Leasehold framework. The articles within the Leasehold Library will refer to a number of technical terms (which can be viewed in the Glossary of terms) and documents which are free to download by registering with Common Ground

Buying, selling or developing leasehold property

This section contains several useful articles relating to the purchase and sale (including developers selling leasehold properties) of Leasehold property and will help you avoid common pitfalls.


Commonhold was introduced in 2002 and is the form of property tenure that Common Ground would like to see replace leasehold. This section is about all things relating to Commonhold

Fire, health and safety

This section covers elements of Fire, health and safety pertinent to leasehold developments.

Lease FAQ’s

Have you ever read your lease? I’ll wager not. Lets be honest they are thoroughly boring documents. This section should help you unpick your lease and guide you to the salient parts.

Leasehold Financial Management

My managing agent is ripping me off. If I had a penny for every time I heard this statement, I could likely afford to buy myself a pint of beer (and one of the quality pints at that).

Leasehold Living

Leasehold living comes with rules and regualtions. This section is a guide to the various rules and regulations that can govern leasehold living. The articles in this section are a guide. Always refer to your lease.

Leasehold Property Management

This section deals with the practical side of managing leasehold property. There is a great deal more to it than most realise and the common misperception that "it's just sorting out the cleaners and the gardeners" couldn't be further from the truth

Maintaining my leasehold property

This section relates to the inside of your property, typically the areas where the leaseholder has responsibility for maintenance. Beware though - There are restrictions on what you can and can't do.

Major Works - Landlord and Tenants Act 1985 Section 20

The section 20 process is designed to allow leaseholders a say with respect to items of large expenditure. Whilst the legislation is well meaning, it has generated a tremendous amount of case law and makes up a vast portion of a property managers formal training

Resident Management Companies - A guide for Directors

This section is for those brave enough to stick their head above the parapet and have agreed to become resident management company directors.

Residential Leasehold Insurance

This section cover all aspects of insurance related to residential leasehold management. Want to know what lift insurance is? Take a look but it's probably not what you though it was!

Service Charges, Ground Rent and other charges

Service charges are probably the single most contentious issue surrounding leasehold management. This section deals with all matters relating to service charges and other charges faced by leaseholders.

So you don’t own the Freehold – Powers available to leaseholders

If you have an Independent freeholder, there is much you can do improve the quality of your life as a leaseholder. This section highlights the various laws designed to protect leaseholders and give them a greater say.


This section explores the role of technology in leasehold property management. We explore new technologies, how these can be implemeneted and the impact new technology will have on the lives of leaseholders

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